We'll be selling other merchandise besides crewnecks as well, so come swing on by! IT'LL BE A COLD WINTER!!! What better way to cozy up than with a snug crewneck?
Love to design? Help KSA with crewneck designs!
Chosen designer will receive a free crewneck. 
Keep in mind that this is for a crewneck and the color will be crimson

Please send your designs to dchao@wellesley.edu by 11:59 PM on Sunday, October 14th. 
Looking forward to your submissions! Thanks!

We're selling both Thurs. 11/10 and Fri. 11/11 in LCW and Sage (Sci Center), see spam above!
We have three different kinds of pepero which will range from $1.00 (individual) to $3.00 (box)!

Come support KSA and also make sure you get your <3'ed friends and family some much needed pepero. Who can say no to delicious sticks of chocolate? 

There will be cute decorations to put on them as well, so don't miss out~